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Who am i

Apogio's a 20 years old Brazilian artist who's been composing for years now. They've worked in games like Basketball Mars, Fatec's Out, ADA, and in local theater musicals, as well as worked as a violinist for weddings ceremonials and pianist for parties and events in their country.

Free songs

You can also check songs made by Apogio that are currently free for most kinds of usage (check current license on the bandcamp page for each song). Let them know if you happen to use it by dropping a message. :)


for commissioned songs

1. You are free to use the track you bought for commercial projects;
2. There is no extra fee for small adjustments in the song;
3. Scope changes will result in budge changes;
4. There is no refund once Apogio started working on the song;
5. The song will be delivered in a range of 2-14 days;
6. The payment will be made 50% before and 50% after the song is done;
7. You must provide Apogio credits for public projects (posts, games, etc), through links, mentions, or whatever is convenient for you;
8. Apogio must agree with the project they're working on: the music purchased must be exclusive to the combined project, and the contractor must inform if there are significant plan changes (eg BGM converted to unrelated advertising; use in NSFW and/or gore content; use in political and/or religious projects);
9. If you wish to upload the music you've purchased onto a streaming platform (Spotify, iTunes, TikTok, etc), you must inform the composer before the deal is closed, as this will incur an additional fee;
10. In case of uploading to streaming services, the music royalties will still remain Apogio's rights, with indications that the music was made specifically for you or your project (this CAN be negotiated). Although the copyright redeemer is Apogio, you are allowed to use the music within your projects and profit from them (with the exception of services of music ONLY, such as Spotify, iTunes, etc.);
11. Depending on your project, the terms may be discussed and agreed upon differently with an alternative contract.
By contacting Apogio and closing a deal, you agree with the terms terminated above.


*When describing your project, please specify how many songs you'll need, the estimated song length, and what instruments you'd like to hear (and/or a general idea about how it should sound like). Kindly inform if it'll be used for commercial purposes as well.

The price is calculated based on track length, instrument number, and song complexity: the pricing base for a 1-minute 2-instruments track is around $150. There is always a discount for 3+ minutes in tracks with 3+ instruments.**ordering MORE THAN ONE song may imply in a little extra discount [this also sets for huge projects like games, movies, etc].

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